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The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition mission is to educate as many people as possible on how to "Get well and stay well naturally" so that they, in turn, may educate others.  

My personal goal is to help improve the lives of people struggling with health challenges like the ones I've dealt with.  Specifically, I don't want anyone taking decades to figure out
what is wrong with them.
We've all wasted too much time already...



There are three ways to work with me: 

#1)  One-on-One Functional Health Coaching Packages:  Described below this section are a number of ways in which my services can be packaged to work with you one-on-one to help eradicate unwanted chronic symptoms and build health.  The QuickStart Light Programs are for those with only a couple of main complaints or need an entry level starting point to tackle more complex issues.  For those ready, willing and financially able to just jump in and prefer concierge service, the FastTrack Complete packages offer the most in-depth view of your functional health whether you are chronically ill or in proactive mode. 

#2) Private Group Coaching Packages:  Opportunities will arise about bimonthly on my Facebook Page where six to ten people can sign up for a six-session group program (three weekly sessions, then weekly or biweekly as group prefers.)  Group members will be able to order functional lab tests a la carte and purchase supplements in my dispensary at a discount.  If you want to establish a group with friends/family/coworkers/mothers group, just email me.  I'd be happy to oblige.  $345 per person.  Available locally in person or nationally by Skype or Zoom.  Topics include:   Mothers & Fatigue;  Conquer IBS/SIBONaturally;   Conquer Lyme & Fibromyalgia Naturally; Thyroid Optimization;  Optimize Brain Health/Healthy Aging. 

#3)  The Optimized Brain & Body Members Group:  For a minimal fee of $29 per month, you can join my Members Group (beginning approximately 6/1/19).  

This Members Group opportunity is devised to provide the important element of A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY to those who have significant health struggles and who cannot otherwise find or afford access to natural healing/non-medical specialists and practitioners.  Most communities do not have Naturopathic Doctors or Functional Practitioners yet.  Group members get: 

  1.  Access to the  Optimized Brain & Body Members Group support area,

  2.  Admission to one of my closed Facebook Group support groups (Conquer Fatigue Naturally; Conquer IBS/SIBO Naturally;  Conquer Lyme & Fibromyalgia Misery Naturally; and Optimize Your Brain/Healthy Aging) with real answers to questions rather than everyone flailing around complaining about their misery as happens in so many support groups. My member groups are meant SOLELY for those who are proactive, positive and generous with support to fellow members.  If you're not exactly hopeful, we'll help you get there!  

  3. Access to affordable 15- and 30-minute appointments outside of one-on-one coaching packages

  4. Twice monthly Facebook Live events where I discuss items of topical interest to health building AND answer previously submitted questions re: general health building protocols or about protocols I may have given you as the result of a test or appointment

  5.  Access an a la carte menu of functional lab tests and a personalized written protocol emailed within two weeks of my receiving test results and your health intake documents 

  6.  Access to my dispensary where you can receive high-grade supplements for 15% off with free shipping over $50

QuickStart Program Light

The QuickStart Program is for those who have basically good health with just a couple of health complaints (anxiety, depression, weight issues, bloating, etc.)  that are more annoying than disruptive.  The QuickStart Light includes:

  • Discovery Call

  • The comprehensive intake packet w/ pre-appointment analysis.

  • 90 minute intake appointment with first level protocols.

  • Analysis of two functional lab tests (***test fees extra)

  • 90 minute results appointment w/90 day protocol

  • Resources 

  • Three biweekly follow-up appointments 

  • Email support - one business day or faster ...


Regular Price  $1197  This month just $895! 



FastTrack Complete - Full Functional Checkup

The FastTrack Complete is for the individual who doesn't want to waste time, drag out the process & can afford to go all in quickly.  Functional test results can serve as baseline health information for someone in their late thirties or early forties who is simply curious about their functional status or they may have a demanding, high-stress executive lifestyle that warrants special proactive behavior. Lifestyle management is the key to staving off "family" diseases like Alzheimer's Disease, cancer or cardiovascular disease.  This package includes: ​

  • Discovery Call.

  • Intake packet and pre-appointment analysis

  • Initial 90 to 120 minute appointment w. initial protocol

  • Analysis of up to six functional lab tests that will provide an in-depth view of body's functionality (**test fees extra)

  • 120 minute Results & Recommendations w/90 Day Protocol

  • Resources

  • Six biweekly follow-up appointments

  • Email Support /Facebook Group Support

     Regularly $2475   Just $1995 this month...

   Spousal discount of 30% off regular package fee.

DSC_5755-1193 (1).jpg

The Help me!  I'm so Fatigued Package...

There is no doubt about it -- UNRELENTING fatigue is one of the more FRIGHTENING things that can happen to a person--especially when you're completely clueless why it's happening.  You just know there isn't enough coffee in the world to help you!  Then when you suddenly realize you're in danger of not being able to finish your thesis, take care of the kids, go to work, go out on a date, or go to family events because of exhaustion -- anxiety kicks in and makes everything even worse.  All kinds of "what ifs" run through your brain.  It's important to know fatigue is a symptom and it's necessary to find the root cause. Sometimes all that's necessary is lifestyle modification without testing.  Let's see if that's the case for you. Add functional testing and additional sessions later if necessary. 


$279 for a three-session package

(one 1-hour session and two 30-minute follow-ups)

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